University of Science and Technology Chittagong

Faculty of Social Science & Humanities


Campus and Learning Atmosphere

  • Permanent campus on own land in Chittagong, undulating, promising city, the commercial capital of Bangladesh with an international airport and national sea-port.
  • Own land area of approximately 30 acres.
  • Number of constructed blocks: 8 with total floor area 8,00,000sq feet.
  • Architecture:
    a) Academic Buildings- with conventional safety measures and with electronic firefighting and vigilance systems.
    b) intelligent hospital buildings (under constructions)- with electronic firefighting and vigilance systems, partially central air-conditioning and ventilation system, well equipped OT complexes, radiologcal & laboratory diagnostic facilities, child & adult care, ICUs, etc.
  • Superb location with green ambiance.
  • Socially compact classes with individual attention.
  • Scheduled lectures, tutorials, practical classes and evaluation process.
  • General programme conduction medium: English.
  • affordable programme fees, scholarships and tuition fee waiver for earnest but disadvantaged local/cross-border students.
  • Independent and spacious residential halls for male and female international students.
  • Airport pickup and drop for fresh foreign students. Assistance in finding accommodation at suitable locations around the campus, opening personal bank account, specialized health-care.

Library Facilities

The USTC Central Library started functioning in 1989 with 50 copies of medical books in the west part if the tin shed. Now it is a full-fledged modern library consisting of different sections including MRRC which is equally essential for the education, training and research. The USTC Central Library headed by a well-qualified experienced Librarian.
The current stock position is as follows:

1. Books 12,059+
2. Journals 7,086+
3. References resources (Encyclopedia, Dictionary, etc) 122+
4. Periodicals: Bound Volumes
5. AV materials (Digital and Optical Disks etc) 403+
6. Medical Records (Basic information resources 1994-) patients file
medical registers volumes
6. The number of reading materials (including audio and video) is increasing at the rate of 50 and 60 copies per month.
6. The present collection is enriched with current books and other resources. From the collection 80% of total requirement of the students and teachers is possible to meet.

The USTC Central Library is going to be the largest library in Bangladesh. Civil works have been completed and a massive library development project is being implemented with initial sitting arrangement for 150 readers at a time.

USTC Auditorium

Auditorium is a unique feature of the USTC. It is centrally air-conditioned with excellent light and sound system and accommodating 350 audience. The room adjacent to it can serve as green room, tea room, academic council and syndicate meeting room. Green room has separate entrance through which VIP’s can go to the Dias. Another Auditorium is under construction in Block D with a capacity of 1000 seats.

Accommodation for students

USTC is the only private university having accommodation for both male and female students. For female students’ accommodation is available at Gulmeher Hall, a project of the Anwara Nur Welfare Trust. This is most conveniently located across the road with scenic beauty around. Happily, this can accommodate all foreign and most of the non-local female students. For male students there are two halls. Foreign students are accommodated at syedur Rahman International Hall

Informing the Guardians

Performance of the students is periodically reported to the guardians with a request to respond with comments and criticisms. We take it as our responsibility to keep the guardians informed of the performance of the students. The guardians are also requested to notify the change of address if any in time.

Teaching Facilities

An academic plan based on the approved course and curriculum has been put into operation. All courses are supplemented by lectures, tutorials, demonstration and practical laboratory assignments. Sufficient lecture halls and laboratory facilities are available for the faculty. All labs are air conditioned and classes are facilitated by sufficient educational tools (Multimedia Projector, Overhead projector, etc)

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities like sports, seminars, cultural activities and debates, international Seminar, International Inspirational Speech, International Technical Talk. Political activities are strictly forbidden in the campus.

International Cooperation

1. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Health Policy and Planning, Graduate School of International Health, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Japan, has been signed with the following objectives:

  • a. Exchange information regarding health care system of both the countries.
  • b. Exchange of faculty and students for both short-term and long-term.
  • c. Conduct joint/collaborative Research on health policy that will include health care system, public health and such other relevant areas for the mutual development of both institutions.
  • d. To enable students of both Universities to participate in such programs in batches for which facilities will be provided by the host university. This opens up the door wider cooperation in various fields in future.

2. International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) based in Tokyo and New-York has made donation of Taka 27 lac for the construction of community medicine department.

3. University of Edinburgh has offered facility for elective of 6-8 weeks duration for the students of USTC.

4. As a member of NETWORK, students of USTC can work in other NETWORK institution situated in more than 50 countries around the Globe.

5. Our Central Library Development Project is partly financed by Nippon Foundation Japan. This will not only serve the USTC faculties, but will also serve as a reference library for the Chittagong Division and other institutes in Bangladesh. Besides it publishes health education materials, leaflets, posters, booklets to be distributed to the community during field training of students. These contain articles in simple Bengali which is easily understandable to the people at village level.

6. USTC has received donation books worth Tk.2.50 lac on Pharmacology and Pharmacy from Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

7. Rotary International 2770 Japan has donated hospital beds and other accessories to the University Hospital.

Research at USTC

USTC is a research-focused institution with a broad portfolio of academic expertise. Across our Faculties and Departments – Business Administration, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, English Language and Literature – the University has made a significant contribution to the wider research community.

To fulfill the desire and firm willingness of the Honorable Founder Vice Chancellor, USTC and National Professor Dr. Nurul Islam, USTC authorities have taken initiative to establish USTC Research Center (URC) at USTC in memory of Late FVC with an aim and objective to engage the scholars in researches that extend/go beyond the classroom and around the globe. In this respect, the Chairman, Board of Trustees sanctioned a grant of Tk. 5-crore (50 million) with the approval of Finance Committee, USTC for taking appropriate steps to accelerate the process. USTC, a private university outside Dhaka, has been functioning in Chittagong since 1992.

This university has opened up a new horizon under the leadership of FVC for the quality Medical, Biological, Social Sciences, Engineering, Business and other modern technology-oriented education in the country. The key goal of the institute is to provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research thrive amongst the faculty and students’ need relevant to research in the advancement of the university which will match also with the vision of USTC.

The purpose will be built upon the established strengths of the USTC in key research areas in various faculties/departments of the institution. The URC will also improve and realize the research potentials of the teachers and students of USTC by providing adequate financial and technical support.

Annual Conference:

To organize an annual conference where academics, researchers, and practitioners present their research work from both Government & Non-Government organization with an aim to flourish the USTC & URC keeping a theme.

Journal/ Newsletter:

  • a) In addition to USTC each faculty may publish at least one or two journals yearly;
  • b) Journal club should be forwarded to accelerate the publication of Journal or Newsletter;
  • c) The journal should be peer-reviewed and materials should be fundamental and applied;
  • d) USTC and other journal publication. To publish peer-reviewed journals, bulletins, research reports, training modules, and other research, teaching/extension materials of both fundamental and applied nature and to create necessary facilities for the purposes.


Learning greatly enhanced by bringing theoretical knowledge and application together. In order to improve understanding of practical issues of our students and faculties, interactive seminars will be organized.

The arrangement of training / workshop on different areas of research methodology including ongoing curriculum implementation and its constraints, evaluation and other fields.